Sunday, April 8, 2012

No Bullies Allowed

Being afraid for a moment is inevitable but being afraid for a lifetime is a choice. By EVK

     The last week has been something of a testing ground, a shake up or a wake up call. I have been bullied by a 12 year old for sometime (2 years) I am not sure why the child is so hateful or spiteful but from all the screaming that I hear in their home I can only guess. It is sad when parents don't teach their children love, honour and respect, it literally affects everyone. Well everything came to a grinding halt when I was shot in the face with a bb gun. I had enough of seeing the child doing all kinds of crazy behaviour and bullying tactics due to his angry demeanor. As I stood my ground I called the cops and some neighbours were passionately agreeing with me and others were not impressed. Well standing up for what is right is never a popular opinion and bullying is wrong no matter what. The nut doesn't fall far from the tree when you see the father being just as disrespectful, hateful and cruel.
     Well after all that has transpired the grandfather is now swearing at me and giving me stare downs. Though everything has happened as it has I am proud of my family for standing up for what is right and for me not letting the neighbours bully us. I could get into all the crazy things the child has done but that would detract from the message that I simply want to stand up for, which is NO bullying PERIOD.