About Me

     I was a rehab assistant who dealt with post op hip surgeries and frequently provided aid in rehabilitating stroke survivors in an acute facility. I loved my work and I loved the people that I tried to encourage and support in their walk for freedom and independence. After several years being in the field I suffered a stroke during my lunch break and became one of the ones I so dearly loved to inspire. After the initial shock of finding out that I had suffered a stroke at such a young age (34) I decided to fight for my therapy. Treatment didn't go as planned and support was barely if non existent. I chose to take it into my own hands and begin to read, walk, talk and run! I wanted a new dream, a new hope and so I began to run for change. I have currently run up to 37 km... I am proud of every bit of blood, sweat and tears that were put into accomplishing the impossible! I believed in what God had for me and that I would never be left alone. So here I am!! Believe in who you are and that you are precious...

Dreams were meant to be broken
but what we do with the pieces
how we survive
that is what defines the very nature
of our existence
our purpose
the character of inspiration!