Monday, January 3, 2011


When I first saw this picture it made me think a mile a minute. There was so much being told, a story silently bleeding through the colours of the sun. That story was telling me to believe!!! Now at some point or another we all are faced with the profound choice of believing. It literally shapes how we deal with circumstances! Somewhere in the very depths of who you are there is a choice to be made, a place in which you can have as a monument of faith or a stumbling block of doubt and fear. Now for me, believing is everything! Without this amazing fuel I could not carry on as I do, I could not imagine the things that I hope to accomplish or to change.
     The message can truly be that simple, that amazing if only you would pick up your fears, worries and disbeliefs and hold them up to the light of hope. Now if you are overwhelmed by sickness or by hate or a multitude of other stumbling blocks just remember you can choose to believe!! Though my present struggles cause me concern I know that there is change coming. I see a new dawn, a new day. Slowly as every moment passes a new letter is written on my heart and though it seems painfully unbearable, there will come a time when I have the choice to shine in this world or hide in the sand. I choose to shine, I choose to believe!!

Never apologize for being different; the only apologies that should ever be handed out is for indifference!



  1. Ernie:

    You have a way of touching people's souls and helping them out of their dark moments, taking them away from their worries and inspiring them to be more. You have touched my soul and I thank you for your uplifting words. You speak from your heart and you put yourself out there for everyone to see......your struggles, your triumphs, your journey in life. Like you, I share the love of running. It lifts me up when I am down, it brings me peace, it keeps me healthy in my mind, body and soul. You and Chelsey are amazing for what you have been through, where you are going, your beliefs, your sense of family, your values and your strong faith in God. I believe in you.