Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Quivering

     We can all to often feel afraid when we face the unknown, something of uncertainty but have you ever noticed the brave at heart, the ones who seem to face fear head on and just smile. What makes them who they are, what they feel and how they overcome! Well I was on that side until my stroke happened, then when months had passed and I had to deal with every little thing that said "you can't do this" it got me mad and really tough. I didn't know that I was becoming such an overcomer until my kids started saying "Dad, we believe in you, you can do it"
     Maybe for some of us the encouragement wasn't there as we grew up or we tried to do something with the little amount of courage that we had and or could muster, and then it failed miserably. It leaves a heavy impression, especially at a very young age and with that impression there can be years of trying to reprogram in our heads that we can believe and succeed. I am not a complete success story in the sense of what others might think but I am a success story by what I think and know. Meaning I now believe that I can make a difference and that my life is precious and profound if I let it, if I let God do His work in me and I do my part, which is to simply believe, receive and conceive. That sounds a little hokey but what I mean is, hear the truth, accept the truth and live the truth, and if it takes baby steps for you to do it then do it.
     Just after my stroke I had to do everything, everything from scratch and when you scratch long enough and hard enough your fingers get stronger, your will gets tougher and you can definitely endure much more. I believe it is called stamina of the heart.
     Be the person that you wish to be, fight for it and live it, you are worth the triumph!