Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Signs Signs Everywhere A Sign

There I was driving on the road trying to get from point A to point B, well in my case from point A to B to C to whatever else my confused mind would take me. When I had accomplished the tasks or errands that I had set to do I gladly began my return home. I could imagine the soft couch that I so dearly loved and the warm gentle flickering fire by my feet as I snuggled up to a wondrous movie that carried me away to a new and thrilling journey! All of this anticipation just waiting eagerly behind the simple curl of my lips, a sudden smile caught by the reflection of my window as I passed underneath the street lights. As I turned the corner I noticed a street sign, an oddity to say the least. The design had me perplexed, confused. It was as though I had just seen a new mathematical equation or I had just been asked the dreaded "If two trains were to leave at different times at different speeds who would arrive first" type of question. That was the look I had when I saw the sign; it made no sense, it gave me no clarity. I drove past in complete wonder. I thought to myself "how long has that sign been there?" and "what does it mean?"
     When I drove up the driveway a simple thought came to mind. What good is a sign if most likely, no one really knows what it means? I mean, a signs whole purpose is to warn you of something. If the sign is so complicated and confusing what purpose does it fill? What value does it really have? People will just drive past not really caring either way. In life there are many signs, some are simple to understand while others can leave us with our heads shaking. Here I am ready to run for a dream that is so close to reality that I can taste it, but there was a time when I couldn't understand anything. The signs where confusing and garbled, none of it had value to me. I was lost in a sea of confusion under a blanket of pain but somehow I survived and my brain fought to find understanding. Learning to live, learning to breathe. Sometimes in life we face moments of absolute uncertainty, we feel as though life maybe isn't the way we had hoped. When we are at our weakest, frail thoughts of insecurity begin to grow. They challenge our character, in those precious moments we will truly know how far the roots really are. You see a tree is only as good as the roots, the deeper it is the more sustainable. Now the greater question is this, where are your roots planted?

If somehow in life you are feeling hopeless

 and helpless

brought to tears by a world of unkindness

then certainly you have not seen

the profound wonders of Gods amazing grace

 His marvelous love that He has fashioned upon your beautiful soul

                                           By EVK


  1. Unless one has been faced with adversity, they may not have the capacity to have the insights that truly expand an evolving character in the depth that those who have the resilience to overcome. I, too, like you, are proud to be an overcomer!