Friday, June 25, 2010



Well June 26th is going to be one of my biggest days ever. Initially after the stroke I was busy trying to live again. Trying to survive. I thought there is no way this thing is going to crush me, break me. I just wanted to overcome. After the blood, sweat and tears I wanted more than to overcome. I wanted to make a difference. To inspire. I wanted to see life explode with joy and laughter. I have had more days than I could ever count, the misery and the anger. My mind slowly slipping into confusion. The medications and the frustrations of trying to find adequate therapy in the midst of learning to be me, to be this new person that I didn't even know anymore. Searching to find the new dad in me, the new husband, the new everything in me. It was like suddenly falling into a dark cold cavern, feeling my way out. Desperately seeking for some light and a gentle voice to lead me out of danger. That is where I am coming from. That is where I am standing. Here is where I will fight for change, for hope and dignity! This day I begin...
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