Friday, May 6, 2011

Map for Way Of The Dove Run

There are so many feelings and thoughts, maybe even fears that permeate this event. First of all it is my heart and soul that sits in the middle of this run. I just never imagined that when I had the stroke, this is what would come of it. Looking forward at the great unknown and standing at the edge of my fears and hoping that God would divide the waters of impossibilities. I mean He did it for the israelites, then He sure can do it for me. There is always the unexpected or the unknown when we step out of the box of comfort. Well in my case there was no comfort, in the box or out, so why not just go for it?! Why not lead a life worth living?! I mean, thousands of people everyday just go through the motions, not really knowing who or what they really are. What they are made of! I am at the edge of something beautiful, maybe not, the one thing I know is that I am here in this moment. Willing to climb beyond what I can take. I want to live a life worthy of victory. I am willing to bleed that hope, that monumental moment of change!

We all want to live beyond the borders of complacency in some way or another. It is when we step out that we really find out who we are. In just a few days I am going to step out of a dream and right into reality!! I am scarred and I am excited. I can almost taste the finish line!! Now that almost all the planning has occurred it is simply time to put the feet to the pavement of success. By Gods amazing grace I hope that this will happen, I know it will because I have people who believe in me, who are praying for me and I have people who are running with me. One of the most amazing gifts are friendship. Running a literal race with people who are willing to sacrifice their time and their bodies to the cause is simply beautiful.
I will soon be standing among champions, people who wish to live beyond words! I will be standing among the fields of wonder and clouds of dreams! This is the moment I have been waiting for. Bringing hope and love! This stroke hasn't seen nothing yet!!


  1. Hi friend. Your narrative here is soulful like yourself told more from heart than head, which in my opinion makes it all the more real. You have already had huge victory andhave gained so much. You have done this by already living beyond words. I love that expression. Not only have you gained alot but you've also given, beyond what words can express here. Your race will not be the end or last victory for you. Living beyond words and being true to your soul with appreciation for all the right things that feed the heart, will continue to light your way. Even though my foot is not healed to allow me to run with you, know I am right here beside you cheering you on and singing the I am a stroke survivor song. Maybe we should co write that. Do you sing as well as you write? Lol. Hugs,cheers,love and friendship follow you as you race each day. Remember life is a marathon NOT a race one day,one moment at a time.

  2. Thank you for those kind words! A true cheerleader at heart.