Saturday, January 21, 2012

Why So Hard

     Well today is such a beautiful day, why you ask? Well the reason it is beautiful is simply because I know that whatever happens I am free, free from frustration, disappointment and what ever garbage that seems to weigh down the heart of a man/woman. I have pursued sponsors with a fire in my soul and yet not a single one has committed and that is just fine by me. The hardship of my journey isn't in the rejection of others or how they view my stroke as non important, what matters the most is am I willing to fight for what I believe in, is it precious to me and will I go beyond my weaknesses to find hope.
     I am very happy to say that my joy isn't in my acceptance of others but in a God of grace and so I press onward despite the lack of funding in order for me to reach the goal that is set before me. Have you ever desired or wanted something that you knew was good for the soul?! Something so precious that you knew it could only drive you to higher heights, to a place of "I knew in the heart of hearts that there was a reason for what I did" If you have a passion that you are willing to fight for, to sweat for, to sacrifice almost anything for, then it better be worth its weight in gold. Consider the cost before building the building, I believe there is a bible verse pertaining to that concept. We all face walls of doubt or resistance whether it be exterior or internal but either way it has to be overcome or left to failure. I tell you one thing though, when you overcome what seemed almost impossible to imagine, it makes your heart dance for joy and your mind just shakes with absolute confidence!

     Well despite my present financial circumstances I am proud to say that I am willing to fight for what I believe in and I hope you are to. If you can't lay your heart on the line for something then you really can't find out what you are really made of. Life is the pot and circumstances the fire that causes the water to bubble and the gold is Gods purpose for your life. So let the dross come to the top in challenges and whatever is pure shall remain beautiful. 

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