Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Today is a day for you!

     I remember when the doctor told me I had a stroke, it shook me to the core, infact maybe it was more profound than the stroke itself. I can't really put my finger on why it felt like a bomb inside my little world or reality but it definitely exploded with an array of thoughts and emotions that left me crawling for years. Now with all that being said there was something special, something beautiful that came out of all this mud and mire, I began to fight for everything, not just my health but my rights to having respect, honor and even self worth. From that day I became a fighter, maybe this is where the rocky music kicks in but since I am writing a note you will just have to imagine. Funny thing is, imagine, truly is a profound word in itself. I had to literally imagine what I wasn't, what I could be and even imagine myself without borders, walls and restrictions on who or what I would become. I had to imagine how God was going to use this situation for His glory. You see, people often fall apart because their imagination crumbles, they lose who or what they are, that my friend is precious!
     I began every morning with some words that I whispered to myself and I prayed for strength to see outside my circumstances. I began to imagine....
I would look at myself in the mirror and even though one eye was half shut or if my face couldn't smile or I just couldn't see clearly or hear properly, I would look straight ahead into the mirror and say " Today is a good day for you, you can do this and do it well" Some days I would scream it, some days I would cry it but every day I would look in that mirror and be the coach that I desperately needed. My wife always stood by me, cried by me, laughed with me and fought along side of me. There is something special about overcoming impossibilities, surviving and even thriving. Beating the odds and doing what most thought was brutal or heartbreaking, I am blessed not because of materials or wealth or what have you, I am blessed because God knew I could be so much more than who I am and He stayed with me through the hell and high waters of life only to say "Well done" Gods confidence in me is what makes me press onward and upward. My life is short and love will make me outshine this dark time, this hour of broken dreams. Today is a good day for YOU! 

"give it your best and when that is gone, give it your all" by Ernie V Kasper

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