Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fear Not

I remember this bitter sweet moment. It was 2 years after my stroke and I was learning how to go into a grocery store. I put on a brave face and challenged my fears. As I walked through the aisles my brain began to shut down, my little girl
 was with me. I began to walk like I was completely drunk, my speech became slurred and I slumped to one side as I wobbled to and fro. My beautiful girl held my hand and grabbed the groceries. She looked up at me with such pride; I knew that people were starring at me and even some looked at me with disgust and snickered. My head dropped in shame, though I had done nothing wrong. Covered in tears I lifted my head and thought of my dear little girl who smiled as I fought to take each and every step. I knew right there and then that courage is beautiful and family is priceless. People can judge me but I was going to leave that store with my head held high, conquering a fear and creating a memory worth cherishing for a lifetime. As we walk slowly to our car my daughter says "your the best stroke survivor daddy there is". With a big hug she gave me all the joy, the strength and the laughter I needed for the day, in fact I think of that moment quite often and still smile. God knows just the right thing to do and how to do it well. 

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