Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Am I what I think of me?

From the ground of grass
to the dirt I see
am I more than hollow words
or shallow seas
loose but one single smile
falter under weakened knees
the pain will bleed
the roots shall whither
mighty the wind
fallen leaves
crush my hands
pierce my head
in my wound September bleeds
in my wound September bleeds
but for loss I will not gain
not a single brush
to err the painters name
I will grow like the trees the same
to live beyond the seasons glow
for life shall I live
under Gods holy name

By EvK

Sometimes in life things are not what they appear to be, you need to look a little further or wait a little longer. When we first see a tree in its barren state we don't know the beauty that it holds until it blooms. I mean I could imagine it with all my heart and mind but it doesn't do justice. Not until I get out there and feel it, touch it, smell it; listen to the wind blowing through the leaves as the birds sing melodies of life. You see, life can be more than just a drop of water. It can be a fountain of laughter, love and music. Gods greatest melodies sing gently, whispering love in every colour and  in every sound. 

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