Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fearless Wonder

     Now before I go and see if another pile of possible supporters say yes or no, I must tell you something that I have noticed. I have invested so much of my time in running and training that I realize that there is too much to just let go. I have overcome so much not to let things just fade away for no purpose. What I mean is this, when you put your heart,sweat and tears into something you become committed. You run the race until the very end, you don't stop and you definitely don't take "I QUIT" for an answer. 
     You pull every ounce out of your soul, that special place that drives you to believe beyond words. In the process somehow in some small way, the journey that had you bound for failure has taken a monumental shift! You are now opening your eyes and when fear looks you right in the face you just smile, you begin to nod with hope and reject the possibility of ever succuming to failures silence. Your voice becomes stronger and your actions lead by example! Then in that very moment inspiration births a hero, a hero that longs and lives for victory! Now I attribute that wonderful birth to a God of grace and wonder. I hope that you will take that very simple step and begin to believe. You may think that it is just a small insignificant task that will lead to minimal results but just imagine for a moment you decided it was otherwise!
     If you took a moment and captured a dream worth chasing and just like a ball that rolls down a hill, watched that momentum gain fervency. You would really be surprised! I am... Will you,will you begin to believe and take a journey worth fighting for?! I am going to live my life with reckless abandonement, bleed my passion into a world filled with colourless words. I want to live a rainbow of wonder and learn to fly! 

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