Friday, July 15, 2011

From the mundane to the spectacular

     Sometimes we focus so hard on wishful thinking that we miss the simple, the mundane steps that truly conquer the impossible! We talk about things that we hope for but just leave it at that, a note or a drawing shoved into a small drawer in our minds. Every once and awhile we pull it out and admire it or even worse we scribble it out and do the same thing over again. Somehow, in some way or another we just leave where it is, maybe we even put it on the floor right in front of the door; a doormat! We come in and wipe our feet on it, we see it as a thought and no less, no more.
     Well that isn't me, I grew up having been bullied as a child and I never forgot the anguish and frustration it left me with. I did nothing but take the harsh words and belittling comments which eventually cut my self esteem to almost nothing. When I grew up I faced those giants, my struggles with self worth and a host of other issues! I couldn't believe my eyes when I began to grow, learn who I really was and what I could achieve. God really changed my mind and my heart. So what I learned was now ingrained, etched into my life! When I see something that seems almost impossible I face it head on, I want to conquer it, not because I think I am the end all be all but because I know that fear should never be left alone. Fear has a way of growing and growing until whatever challenges or dreams that you once had seem impossible!
     So take today as your opportunity to reach out and live beyond your fear, love beyond your hate, laugh beyond your worries. You can do it, just take baby steps, that is all that is required for a world of change.


God Bless...

signed Stroke Survivor, now Conqueror!

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