Sunday, July 10, 2011

Imagine, dream, reach and believe!

     You imagined, you dreamed, you reached and you believed! I found this wonderful card buried under a pile of toys and old clothes. I knelt down at the corner of my closet and thought "sheesh it is time to do some cleaning out" As I was plugging along I saw those beautiful words, right in front of my face and yet for over a year it never really meant that much until now. My mother had written those beautiful thoughts down and wanted to encourage me as I trained. She knew how important my running was and as an amazing mother that she has always been, she took the time to encourage me. You see the front of the card said the same thing but it held no weight, had no value but when I saw that my mother wrote it down I paid attention. Why? Well that could take years to explain but to sum it all in this word will have to do, respect! Respect carries a lot of weight behind it, it is because what is said has worth. You know that from the deepest part of your heart that that person means what they say and there is no going around it. So when I read "You imagined, you dreamed, you reached and you believed" I know there was a lot of heartfelt love.
     I see those words through different eyes now, I see them with different emotions. I see them with a cry of "Keep going!" I am not who I used to be and I will never mourn over it. I am who I am for a reason and it is time to run another city... Time to chase after dreams worth pursuing! God bless...

There is something to be said about hope, it literally drags you through a wasteland of impossibilities and pushes you to the mountain top of victory! By EvK

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