Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Your Love Carried Me

     As I lifted my head I could see hundreds of children walking into the gym. I quickly looked down into my backpack, reaching for something to calm my nerves; I grabbed my cue cards and began to recite my speech under the slight gentle breath of anxiety. I knew I could do this, this is only a gym filled with tons of children waiting in anticipation. Watching my every move! I quickly put the cue cards down and told myself "Ernie calm down, this is only a demonstration. You are here to encourage and inspire children, you can do it!"
     I tried to focus on the fact that I was actually in a gym filled with children waiting to hear me speak. Just four and a half years ago I was in a hospital bed hearing the horrible news that I just had a stroke. The moment had literally made me crumble like a pile of bricks, like a wrecking ball had just smashed my entire world into pieces of rubble. Now if I could overcome that situation than I could undoubtedly face a school gym filled with people! So as soon as I heard my name I stood up and walked slowly to the front. Kids were looking at me with the biggest smiles, eyes were beaming; the world seemed so intriguing to their minds. Once I approached the front I felt calm and began to tell them my story, in fact it was the story of many people who suffer from illness. The sudden change of plans, a world that begins to change color. Maybe for some the world becomes black and white, filled with colorless dreams. I felt like a painter with words, slowly brushing the shapes and shadows of hope. 
     I could have hidden away in a cave of fear or covered my head with broken aspirations but that just isn't my personality. All because I spoke out and began to run, to believe in something bigger than myself. Knowing that God has a plan and that He holds my heart. I told others about myself, I preached it! I wanted to make others aware that we need to be aware of those around us, to care for those who are suffering. Well the speech was over and children were clapping, my heart went right through the roof! My eyes were filled with tears as I began to walk away, I was really touched by the love of the children. There is nothing more beautiful than watching young hearts begin to dream or for that matter anyone! As I began to return to my seat a couple of teachers stopped me and told me " Ernie I can't believe how much you have changed since 2 years ago! It simply is amazing." I was shocked and yet at the same time my heart, my soul, my everything; I felt like I had just swallowed rocket fuel!!" I felt motivated and I guarantee you that the run on May 1st will be the first of many motivational moments. 
     My dream is to run in seventy cities and running 7 miles within each city. With each run I want to run a short distance with any person who is in a wheelchair! Hey, I can dream can't I?! Seriously though, I have dreams in the making and nothing is impossible when you feel inspired. Diligence will carry the passion and passion will carry the hope!

You have the opportunity to be more than just a word within a page, a letter sitting in simple anticipation. You can be the writer of wonderful stories, living the dream!  By EvK

May God Bless you!

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