Monday, February 28, 2011

Jump Rope For Heart

     Who ever thought that I as a stroke survivor would be doing a presentation to all the kids at a local school in my area. In fact who ever thought that I would be running again or living a life beyond the walls of a stroke victim. I am glad that since the very beginning of my tragic dilemma, the trauma of a stroke did not break my spirit, my desire to live my dreams or my hopes. It seems as though the more I hang on to this desire to be something more than what I am has made me stronger, maybe even a little bit wiser. Anyways with all that being said I am looking at presenting in a sense my victory story and how we can change the course of history if we only just believe and hold tight. Now I know that there are some things that just cannot change, like the fact that I am irreversibly affected by my situation but that doesn't mean I am useless or broken, I simply am unique. I am not here to look at what I have lost but what I can gain in living a life worthy of inspiration.
     This Friday I am going to step into a world of change and I am going to smile! Sometimes we need to give ourselves a pat on the back and let ourselves know that we did something good. It feeds our hope and lifts our joy to another level! When I grabbed my skipping rope and started to practice, I didn't look at all the worries or the fears of a possible stroke reoccurring. I looked at the opportunity for me to breathe and to live again! When I look at people who suffer from various illnesses I either see a person living in hope or dying in broken dreams. 

     So here I am beginning to live beyond the shadows and reaching for dreams in the light of hope, how truly sweet it is!

Hope is the strength behind every object of direction, the wind behind every sail. Without it you are just dead in the water!

By EvK

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  1. I love your reference to HOPE at the bottom! We all need to have it, share it, live it!!!