Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Before I met You

     Today I want to tell you a little story about something special, something that I believe is important in a good friendship or ships for that matter. One of the most crucial things in any real friendship is the importance of appreciation, it carries with it a real solid anchor. What I mean by all of this is this, we all need someone to trust in and to lean on when we simply cannot do it; when the storm is overwhelming.

      In the past I have had such friends and now mine have migrated to facebook status, only because most of them are at a distance. I felt that my life needed some encouragement and I was feeling a little down because of my symptoms so I wanted to personally encourage each and every person on my facebook page. I want to be the words that I wish to hear, so I started telling everyone what I think of them. I gave each person an animal picture (who I thought they would be if they were an animal) what I thought best suited who they were by character and you know what, I began to feel a little better about my situation more and more. I wasn't thinking about myself and I was loving it!! Sometimes we can become a little selfish and we forget how precious friends can really be. They are the lifeline when we begin to sink, when we fall down.
     I recognize that many of us are busy with our lives and we don't feel we have enough time but one thing that is worth its investment is friendship. When we change our outlook from "I am just too busy right now" to "I will try and take some time" it makes a world of difference and in the process you don't isolate yourself as well. We don't have to be lonely ships tossed by the sea, instead we can have friends who are the anchor for success!
     So remember that friends are worth the time and they deserve encouragement as so do you.....

I wrote this statement to a friend recently....

Continue to fly, never think just below the clouds of reality!!

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