Sunday, January 16, 2011

When Hope Whispers Victory Shouts

     Now I have thought of many words when my lips are silent and nothing seems to ring as loud as BELIEVE. I can't put my finger on it but maybe it is because that word encompasses so much. It dares to face giants of fear and swim oceans of sorrow, it remains strong no matter what it must do even when it is weak. You see, choosing to believe requires that you let go of things that drag you down. It is inevitable, when you commit to believing in something, anything; your heart will have to choose between loss or gain. Believing requires that silent demand of respect, that expectation to overcome.
     Sometimes in life we loose direction because our conviction isn't clear, our words are far too many with so little worth. So when you look at yourself what word holds your heart, what thought drives you? What would you wish others to hear, to know?

     When my world lays silent
  and fears
begin to crawl
though my lips may quiver
I will stand high
I will stand tall


By EvK  

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