Sunday, January 30, 2011

Give it your all

     Now in life there are moments that stand out beyond others, they seem so different because maybe they were unexpected or they were something that we could never imagine in our minds. Whatever the case may be the imprint is inspiring. The emotions are raw and beautiful! For me that came true today, it felt like a whisper gently telling me that I am on the right path. I am making someone else's life a little bit better and in doing so it is blessing my life in some amazingly strange way. Have you ever stepped outside expecting a dreary day of work and mundane living, only to be greeted by the most amazing sunrise?! You become suddenly numb by the most amazing colours of the sky and the warmth of the morning sun. Your worries begin to fade into the heavens above, that brief moment was an unexpected gift. A beautiful oasis of wonder.
     Well today was one of those wonderful horizons, and the gift was such a soft reminder that beauty can surprise you at any given moment. As I approached a corner that was near to my home I recognized a father that I had spoken to previously. I waved hello and said a few words in passing and then carried on my way. As I reached for the door of my house I couldn't help but feel the need to return to that father and speak with him. So as I turned around and walked back to his house. As he began to smile and speak  I could see the mask quickly melting away. He looked so worried and filled with sadness, he began to tell me of his sons pain and difficulty with walking. 
     Now in the past, this young teenager had watched me on numerous occasions run and slowly overcome my difficulty with stroke symptoms. He had seen me improve dramatically and felt inspired by my dedication and my fervor.  I eventually became friends with his family and ran a 37 km run (dedicating the last few kms to the fathers son) Well with all that being said, that being the history of this moment. The father looked at me and told me how his son viewed me as a person who he holds in high regard. I was taken back by the thought and so I gave the father a big hug as my lips began to quiver. I am sure he didn't notice, but I was moved. The father continued his story of how he tried to encourage his son by saying "Son, Ernie has horrible days too but he keeps trying; he doesn't give up!" 
     That was the moment that i will remember for the rest of my life. I am running for a purpose and by Gods grace I will run to the finish line. My motto will be the same as it has since the beginning and it goes as follows 

"Give it your best and when that is gone, give it your all!" by EvK

Heroes are not born they are carved out of passion and dedication for hope, truth and above all else love!


  1. Truly beautiful and heartfelt. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you Bob.. I revised it slightly because it needed a little trimming. :)