Thursday, July 22, 2010

What I am

Now there is a simple rule for loosing weight and eating healthy. In fact if you go by this fundamental rule you could change your health dramatically. I have used it to change my long distance running and the effects were surprising. My energy boost was huge. I was able to increase my running distance to over half of what I was currently running. To me that shows that eating healthy is everything. When you are pushing your body to the limit, your body will know it it is fine tuned or not.

1. Have a colourful plate of food. Make it as colourful as possible.
2. You are only as healthy as your fridge!
3. If you change your lifestyle you change your health.
4. Learn about your body and what is good for you.
5. Grow a garden, get in touch with nature
6. Learn to laugh - it is the best medicine
7. When confused eat dark chocolate!! lol
8. Learn how to pack healthy snacks so you don't purchase fast food
9. Teach your kids how to eat healthy
10.Sleep well, sleep is paramount

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