Tuesday, July 6, 2010

You Are What You Eat -- Foods to Avoid

There is a well known statement that goes” There are people who live to eat and then there are people who eat to live”. Most people live and love to eat. Unfortunately too many people love the foods that are bad for their health and contain high quantities of toxics that will in time clog up the colon, stuff up the bowel and will cause a series of diseases to occur. Some of these diseases are merely unpleasant and uncomfortable. However there are some if that, if ignored, can become fatal. So the foods that we have to fight because they cause a build up of waste in our colon are:

white flour
microwave-cooked food
deep fried foods

These are the basic components that cause a massive build up pounds of unwanted waste matter around the colon. Colon cleansing is the only natural and easy way to get rid of this horrible accumulation and is gradually chocking up your insides, and slowing down your life with it. To say that colon cleaning will make your life better is not an exaggeration and you will feel the results immediately.

But colon cleaning on its own will not be enough. To return to your previous eating habits will mean that the accumulation of grease, toxins and bacteria will slowly continue to build up again around your colon. Switch to a high fiber diet, less cholesterol, less, toxins, more fresh fruit, and more fresh vegetables and drink plenty of water. Between one and half to two liters every day. That way you will keep your colon flushed, and you will continue to look and feel good. You will have won the food war.

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