Monday, September 20, 2010


Now I saw my friend adams website and he had stuffed peppers and it gave me a few ideas (thanks adam)
I boiled some eggs and made this tasty delight!

Here are the ingredients you will need:

1. 1 can of pink salmon
2. A jar of mayo (light)
3. Some dry dill
4. Hymalayan salt (or regular if you can't get it at a health food store)
5. Sheer hunger (everyone has this one)
6. A puree machine (magic bullet)
7. A pot
8. Water
9. Free range eggs (how many you desire)

Ok here it is in simple form.
Step 1:Boil your eggs and let them sit until cool.
Step 2:Puree the salmon with mayo to taste
Step 3:When eggs are cooled peel them and cut them in half
Step 4:Then cut the bottoms off so you can place them nicely on a plate (presentation)
Step 5:Take a tiny amount of salmon puree and cover the center of the egg (Yoke)
Step 6:Sprinkle a dash of salt (Hymalayan)
Step 7:A dash of dill
Step 8:Consume them before your visitors arrive (ok,don't do that but have one of them at least)
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  1. Hey Ernie

    Hope all is well. Love the recipe. Glad I can inspire. My book comes out in 1 month (yippeeee) I am looking forward to getting you a copy. Lets be in touch about doing a Stroke Awareness fundraiser event in your town with the book.

    All the best

  2. That sounds like a good idea adam. When I have finished my book can we do it all over again? I am on chapter 3 but I will get it done. One step at a time.