Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Blind Side

Every once and awhile a movie comes along that sets itself apart from others, there is something about it that literally shakes you! You see, movies always have a story to tell whether it is good, horrible, scary maybe even inspirational! I sat with my wife and for every minute that "The Blind Side" was on I felt transfixed. When you peel back all the layers it has something deep and meaningful to say. That special message hits the deepest part of who you are as a person, it takes you to a place that brings you hope; carries you to a place of contemplation.  You see in life we all come to impasses sooner or later, we reach a road unto which our decisions drastically shape the very essence of who we are. Sometimes we get lost in our circumstances and all we simply need is someone to come along and believe in us, to help us on our journey. Michael who is one of the main characters in the movie is that someone who was in need of that special encouragement and devotion. The choices of those who surrounded Michael literally carved a deep impression into his life and forever changed the course of his world.
     Well when I run on April 24th I want to be the change that others so desperately seek, it's not a fairy tale it's an option! I literally have an opportunity to shape someone else's life forever. So my quest comes with a lot of passion because of my personal fight with a stroke that tries to take away so much in my life. I am going to run because I want to see love change someones life! I feel like so many people are numb because of the way the world is, so much could change if we just tried. If we took the time to help each other out. I know I may sound a little too positive but that is who I am, I will never be anything less than that. I hope you will be moved by my words and wish to make a difference as well. Sometimes in life the littlest things can make the biggest difference! Please come and join me and lets watch history happen, now if you think that you couldn't make a difference because you are just one person than you have missed one of the most valuable lessons that any human being should hold onto, that is this; you are more important than you know!!
 Where a thousand would doubt
feel that there is no room for change
there is always someone who will believe
there is always someone who will rewrite history

I choose the pen
not the paper!!

                            By EVK

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