Friday, December 3, 2010

100 fliers and a dream please!

There I was standing in a huge store with a table and a chair. People came rushing in to see what was on sale and what treats were at the tables. I felt naked for the first time in a long while, uncomfortable with my surroundings and worried with my presentation table. I didn't really have that much to offer in the way of goodies but my dream was lying there in a 100 fliers of hope, waiting to be discovered. As I watched face after face walking by I wondered if I could really make a difference. So many people and hardly a single one came up and spoke to me. I sat down with my hand on my head, I felt like crying. My mind was racing a mile a minute! I was thinking to myself "Ernie why do you believe in this, why do you think you can make a difference?" My mind was hitting another wall, another fear. I just closed my eyes and thought "You can do this Ernie!" So I took a deep breath and just relaxed.
     Surprisingly a young gentleman came over and we talked to each other for some time. He spoke of his surgery concerning his tumor and I spoke of my stroke recovery and we suddenly felt a strong bond, an unknown feeling of understanding; comradery! Knowing that we both knew what suffering meant, what fear tasted like! It was as though we had fought together against a common enemy and travailed! We shook each others hands repeatedly and said "goodbye" For some reason I feel as though we will become very good friends. We spoke to each other with conviction and with honesty. That is something that is lacking in a lot of people, we like to present ourselves as what we wish others to see instead of what we really are. When the night was over I was so proud of myself and my wife and well everyone who supported me. There was a few coins here and there but that didn't matter compared to the people who won my heart that night. When someone comes up to you, a complete stranger; gives you their heart in a handshake and tells you their tears. It simply shakes you! That is why I am running, why I will run this distance. I will make a difference for the many who have suffered, whatever illness it may be! This run is for you!!

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