Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dear Mr Santa

Just a little while ago my wife and I went to the Christmas Bureau, it has become our yearly visit. The Christmas Bureau is designed to help people who can't afford Christmas, people who are in need. Well my family fits that description. I felt embarrassed when we first went, maybe even a bit ashamed. We were heavily hit by the stroke and so it really shook us to the core, I mean we obviously didn't expect to be permanently disabled. We lost so much in a short time, the list is too long to mention but driving was a big one for us. For two years we couldn't go anywhere without taking a bus.
     So there we were waiting in line with the rest of the people there. I looked into so many faces and they looked so empty and sad, it truly was heart wrenching for me to see. It just felt like so many broken dreams in one room, in one place. Some people were there because of bad choices in life and some were there because of bad circumstances. I heard a phrase once and I never forgot it, it goes like this "The rain falls on the good and the bad alike" Sounds inspiring doesn't it? Well in my opinion this phrase has become more true than I could have ever imagined. Things just happen.....
     Well here it is four years later and I am driving, I could have never imagined the freedom it brought me. I felt like an eagle soaring above the clouds! Seriously I felt so happy and so free! I know that we should feel happy when we receive gifts and don't get me wrong I sure do feel pretty excited when I do but there is something that is more beautiful than gifts that are tangible. I lost so many things four years ago and now I am looking back and seeing how much I appreciate what I have within my grasp. I am one of the richest guys around! I really mean that, I know the value of a smile, the precious gift of being able to walk and the profound dedication of a wife who will never leave my side. I would not have known all of this unless I had faced these horrible trials. I am not saying that I wish anyone to go through what I am going through but I am wishing that others could feel the hope that I feel!
     On this very day a wonderful family came by our house and brought us presents and warm smiles. I was so moved, they didn't even know who we were. They just wanted to give from their hearts and I could see that they were sincere. I took the time to tell them my story and to let them know that I appreciated everything that they had done. I was moved by their hearts of kindness not their presents wrapped in beautiful paper. We needed to see people who were thoughtful, who had no other intention than to just give with a joyful heart! Isn't that what God teaches us? We should all give with a happy heart. 
    Today I got what I had wished for, people who really cared about their fellow man. I hope that someday soon I can pay it forward as well...I guess for now I will be passing out free hugs and kisses. They are cheap and the return is amazing!!


  1. Your writing really makes a person STOP and THINK....it is from the heart...pure and full of LOVE...I wish you and YOUR Family many many BLESSINGS may love ,laughter ,happiness and Joy suround and embrace you all!!!!