Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Beyond Words....Honor Still Stands

     I had such an amazing day filled with so many surprisingly inspirational moments. For the last four weeks I have been training in the gym, trying new techniques and performing new methods of conditioning. While being completely focused on my exercises I would occasionally notice an asian gentlemen watching me train. It looked as though he was studying my posture or something. I would quickly shrug it off and then carry on with my new regime. Well today I went to the gym after performing a demonstration at a local martial arts dojo. I told the martial arts academy my story (stroke recovery) and they were excited!! So hopefully I will recruit more runners for the big day. Well back to my previous story, I walked into the gym when low and behold there was the asian man again. As I began my stretches he approached me and with a soft kind voice asked if he could speak with me (with a strong Korean accent) He told me how he taught martial arts in south korea for 20 years and how he was amazed by my fluidity, speed and power. I was completely taken back!! That is one of the most honorable things anyone could hear. He shook my hand and we both bowed. 
     He then approach me an hour later and asked me what my philosophy was and then I spoke to him in korean. I told him of my belief in God and that I was a christian. He then smiled and said "You move like an asian person does" we then both laughed and smiled. I taught him some english and he taught me some korean. There was a silent admiration for one another and a mutual respect. He was kind enough to tell me about his family and I told him of how my journey to recovery was hard and filled with many tears. He shook my hand once again and gave me another bow (a sign of respect) so I in turn did the same.
      Now I know that this may seem a little silly or inconsequential but that meant the world to me. Not because I want a big pat on the back but because I believe in honor. Something deep down within me just smiled from ear to ear. I not only overcame my physical barriers but in the process fulfilled a dream. That dream was to be more than what I once was....

Like I said before, dreams are worth fighting for!!!

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