Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Once upon a smile

They say that a smile is worth a thousand words or was that the painting?! Either way, the truth is still the same. Your smile says a lot, sometimes more than you know. It lets others know that you care or that you agree with what they say, maybe even show a slight amount of support in words that you have just spoken. A myriad of silent words! After the stroke for a brief time my smile was crooked, it felt like someone had given me anesthesia. It was surreal! I wanted to slap myself, hoping that suddenly I would wake up from this horrible nightmare. I would walk over to the mirror and look at my face and just study the difficulties. I closed my eyes and imagined my mother laughing and my children smiling at me. This smile that I had used over the years, the simple expression of love and kindness was suddenly tired and broken. There is hope in this story, something of true value; I have my smile again and the value of that gift will never be forgotten. I will wear it with a proud heart and when people become angry or hateful, I will remember that I have something that is worth more than gold. I found my smile, my hope! When I took care of stroke survivors in the hospital as a rehab assistant, I used to say "Smiles are free, so enjoy it while you can". I never knew how much that was true until I became like them! I am a proud supporter of living life as a gift. One that God gave with a joyful heart!! So remember, a smile is free but sometimes you have to fight for it....
Smiles are a valley of hope with a mountain of praise
they speak in silence
such words
without sound
they say
my life is short
my days have I once
so cherish will I 
every moment
every ounce
cast away your frowns
all kingdoms and crowns
in the land of worry and rot

                                      By EVK

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