Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friends From A Different Time

     As I grabbed the weights in front of me, sweat began to drip from my forehead onto the floor. There I was giving it my all, my everything. I pursued this goal with every ounce of relentless drive! With a slight grin I looked towards the mirror that spoke of my victory, I could see the fruit of my determination by the reflection of hope. I could see myself standing and lifting weights! I placed the weights quickly on the floor and raised my right hand in a fist. I felt the hours, the minutes and the tears all rolling into one victorious shout!! I didn't care if other people were standing there, I just needed to live the moment; feel the joy of being more than just a victim.
     After I did most of my routine two young gentlemen approached me, they asked if I knew martial arts and if I could demonstrate to them. So I went into a series of quick strikes and threw them around. After all was said and done I told them of my stroke, I told them my story. For some reason it felt like I had the exclamation to my sentence or the ending to my mystery novel. All of it had a purpose, a point with some meaning. It was as though someone finally told me the reason behind my suffering. When I saw those two young mens eyes light up after I explained about my suffering and triumphs they were moved. I felt a passion in my heart swell, a desire to want others to be encouraged! I found my story.....
     Today I am standing on top of a mountain of pain, fear and ultimately sacrifice; but what makes this story so wonderful is not me but all the people that I am meeting in the process. I am no longer in the valley of indecision but on the mountain of change watching the horizon of hope. The view is beautiful and I can't wait to make a difference!!

I could climb a thousand mountains or a hundred hills but without the sunrise of hope I will see nothing more than a dark valley of indecision...

By EvK

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