Friday, February 25, 2011

Punching the clock

I grab the kicking bag and with all my might I throw it over my shoulder and begin to walk outside towards the metal stand. My arms are shaking and my legs can barely carry this monstrous weight which shall soon be taking the brunt of my discourse. As I hook the heavy bag up and straighten the large metal stand I look in confusion, I look at what will become my battle for the day. Now I am not one to complain but this exercise is brutal! I decided a long time ago that I needed something that challenges every part of my mind and my body at the same time and this does it. I don't know why I do this to myself but I always look for the hardest things possible just so I can say " I did it " Growing up as a child under constant bullying somehow makes you like that I guess. You become stubborn and relentless I suppose.
     I remember when I went to visit my brother in california, it really shaped the person that I am today. I can't recall the reason why my parents paid for my trip but my mom felt it was important to me and so the decision became reality. When I arrived in Los Angeles my brother and his friends took me all over the place, I saw the most amazing things but for some reason there was one thing that impacted me more than any other. We had been driving along the coast of california for sometime when I saw a tree. The tree wasn't any ordinary tree. It was a tree that seemed to have this wonderful mystery attached to its glorious presence! Thousands of photographers travel from all over the world just to take a picture of this wonder. Now what is it that makes people stop and stare, what makes people adore such a common tree? Well to me it was very simple, the tree somehow stood the test of time and survived every storm and mighty wind and yet there it was right at the edge of impossibility, standing tall and proud. It defied all odds, it lived among the cruelest of places only to become adorned with the sunset of amazement and wonder. It was as though the tree wanted to be there because it knew that the view was worth the fight. I know that trees don't have the option of where they grow or when they grow but the story is ever so profound because it speaks so softly and yet its words are tremendously loud because its actions have survived the test of time.
     I want to be like this tree, I want to stand the test of time and live beyond my words! Let my actions tell a story of importance and beauty. I may be on this cliff, this edge of circumstances but that doesn't mean I can't grow into something marvelous; something beautiful! I have a sunset and a sunrise that is worth every penny and I am willing to fight for it every step of the way. Do you realize how precious you are? How unique you are? Remember you are where you are for a reason and it is just a matter of time before people see what you are really made of. So choose to enjoy the rising sun and the setting of the same. God has much bigger plans than you know.

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