Sunday, February 13, 2011

Through The Fire

     During the last few years of turbulent living I have seen so much. The character of humanity and the harsh reality that life is simply frail at best. Now this story that I am about to tell you is painful but in the end it truly is heart warming. The last few days I have awaken at a considerable earlier time than usual. Now I really haven't noticed all the things that I have missed until now. It's almost as though I have awaken from a dream, rubbed my eyes and suddenly carried on with my new life. I look at the sun rising in the sky and I see my children sleeping so silently, like little doves in a nest; safe and sound. I sat at the end of my couch and sipped a beautiful cup of tea, feeling the warmth between my fingers as the fragrance slowly seeped into my senses. 
     After a period of three days the normal life began to stick. I was so happy and I was singing in the shower, laughing at the simplest of moments. I was amazed at the feeling of life without shadows!
     It was Sunday morning and there I was, smiling in the mirror. I dressed myself and grabbed my laptop, ran to the door and drove to church. I couldn't believe it, I was actually going to make it to a full service at church for the first time in almost four years. At least this time I was feeling completely clear in my mind and all the children and their families looked so precious and wonderful. There was such a deep found respect for families and all the love that I could see in the mothers and fathers that attended. I was actually there with my family! 
     As the sermon ended a lady turned around and told us of the travesties that she had endured and is enduring. She had been diagnosed with cancer and her son had major head injury. She told us of how overwhelmed she felt and that she didn't know what to do with her life or for that matter her sons. She was crying out for someone to just hear what she had to say. The pain was written in her eyes and the loneliness seemed so evident. I told her that no matter what we may go through in life there is always hope. You just have to look a little harder!  
     Sometimes we go through fires, the seasons change and life is not what we think it is. What can truly separate us from others is how we deal with those situations and who our trust is truly on. I comforted the lady the best I knew how and also told her that I was running. I told her of my situation and that my life was filled with pain and that I was going to fix my eyes on the prize, not the struggles that followed.  For some reason there was a strong sense of understand because we both had suffered and we both knew what it was like to be overwhelmed by illness. We also knew that without faith, hope and love there is just an empty furnace filled with fear and flame, nothing more.  
     We all must come to a point where we choose to drown in our circumstances or stand and learn to live like heroes, learn to be courageous. Be the hope, live the change! 

     In order to make a difference
one must first believe they are the difference
 It is merely but a matter of choice! 

 By EvK

Daniel 3:14-24 (NIV) The bible story of three men who refused to conform no matter what the cost!

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