Sunday, February 6, 2011

Words Of Hope

     There I was sitting in front of a screen, flat and full of colors piercing my eyes with delight. My coworker and friend was speaking with me online using skype. Now, it was the first time I ever wanted to hug and kiss a screen! This friend of mine I will call her Grace, she behaved as much; filled with love and acceptance. There were many nights I wished for a friend who could just be there to hear my thoughts and feelings and not runaway . I think there are times when we all go through some pain or disappointment and when those situations occur we just want someone who will be strong enough to listen. Someone who will be there and in so doing their actions speak silently of their affections, their devotion to friendship.
     We spoke to each other with laughter and well I spoke with frequent tears. I could sense a feeling of love and genuine encouragement. Now I could tell you more of this story but I wish to speak about words. Yes words, those amazing things that you and I use to express the very fiber of who we are; what we are.
     Grace spoke with words that gently reached from the clouds of hope and placed them in the depths of my weary heart. It was like being in front of a campfire on a cold night and as you watch the embers glow you hope for some warmth and some light. Suddenly someone comes along with a bundle of sticks and large pieces of wood and places them in the fire. The flame that once flickered is now beginning to burn bright and the warmth is all around you. That is what I felt, that is what I began to hear when Grace said these very words " I think you are on this path for a reason, you..I think you were meant to do this. This is your direction!"
     For so long I questioned whether or not I was supposed to be alive (surviving the stroke) and whether or not the Way Of The Dove run was worth pursuing. All I needed to hear was "You can do this, I know you can!" Well I now know that God has a plan and that sometimes you just need to step out of the boat and start walking! Believe and hold tight to the miracle of hope! There is some amazing power in those very things, those very thoughts that we sometimes loose in fear. Well today you can choose to tread fears with hope beating in your heart and a light of grace within sight!

Above all else remember that every moment is held by a single decision. You choose either to be above your fears or below. I choose above!

By EvK

"Come," he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus.
Matthew 14:29

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