Saturday, November 13, 2010

Iron sharpens Iron

Without a good small circle of friends we often can loose our way. It seems almost silly to believe that but it is true! Friends can either inspire us or distract us from what or who we really are meant to be. With good friends even disagreements can produce some of the most amazing situations. Did you know that CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien met at a pub on a regular bases? They used to call themselves "The Inklings". They would often disagree with each other and challenge each other with philosophies and how they wrote stories. Each had their own way of writing and philosophical perspective. Yet still they talked with each other on a continual basis. They inspired each other to be greater than what they were. As iron sharpens iron, true friendship can improve ones life! Take the time to invest in people of good character and most likely you will attain character as well. Smart business men associate with successful business men. Why? Well because they want to be inspired and wish to learn how they think. I try to surround myself with people who believe in my dreams and who are confident in what I do. They encourage me to grow in a healthy direction! CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien wrote amazing literature and are known all over the world because they pushed each other to higher heights. So remember if you are around people who are negative or demeaning you will only loose the greatest gift given to mankind, imagination!
Choose your friends wisely and you will undoubtedly improve the world you live in and maybe you will make your own Narnia someday! I know I sure am.....

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  1. This is so true. True friends will bring out the best in you and negative people suck the positive energy and life out from under! Unfortunately, at times, it's hard to discertain who those true ones are or aren't until something bad happens and bites you in the ....I have had the good fortune of having some really TRUE and honorable friends in my life. Also, I've had the misfortune to have the others, of whom have betrayed me beyond my wildest dreams or even what I thought was possible in the realm of human nature. This ended up being a gift from the standpoint that I know REALLY know the true treasure of those REAL friends and that just the thought of them makes me feel how they help me, without even knowing just how or how much, they each in their own way, enable me to honor my soul!