Friday, November 26, 2010

What Moves Me Will Make Me Stronger

Now as a child I read a story of a man with long hair who could fight off hundreds of men with a jawbone. He could tear off the doors of a city and think nothing of it! His name was Samson and as a child I would imagine myself having that kind of strength, wanting to be that kind of person. As a child I saw only one thing, the strength of a man which I thought brought respect. As I grew up I noticed that it isn't in the strength that we gain respect but in our abilities to overcome our challenges, our fears; all the while being honorable! Samson eventually lost his strength not because of his loss of hair but because of his lack of care in wanting to please God.The very one who gave him his abilities, the one who made him who he truly was. Sometimes we loose our direction and loose our strength. We become lost in broken promises and self centered behavior. I want to stay focused and remember who I am, despite my suffering. It is so easy to fade into a world of complacency, living only for yourself. Take some time and learn to look outside yourself and be the man or woman that God has called you to. Sometimes people can deceive us and then it hurts us deep inside but really what is of more offence than lying to yourself?

"To thine own self be true"
How far will you go to find the truth? To live a life of honor and respect, to be truthful to yourself and God. You have the opportunity to leave a legacy of hope and change. To live a life of profound impact! Sometimes we need to stand between the pillars of apathy and change the world. Be courageous and live a life of "No Compromise"

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