Monday, November 8, 2010

The Measure Of A Man

The measure of a man
is dictated by how well he lives in the moments he feels the weakest
not in the strengths he hides behind.


There in the absence of light there was silence. The walls of stone surrounded him and bandages wrapped his body still. Sometimes in our weaknesses we feel like sin surrounds our lives and we feel helpless in a tomb of shame. We long for the light of grace to free us, to give us hope and bring us to life. Just imagine when Jesus rose from the dead the pure joy he had! He was alive and He knew that God would be faithful even unto death. When I would run a great distance I would try to imagine the finish line. I would make every effort to think on those things when dealing with such physical challenges, I embraced the hope in order to accomplish the goal set before me. In fact there was more joy in running then there was in finishing races. I would become so excited and filled with such anticipation that I could hardly contain it. I believe that Christ was excited to come out of the grave and to show that his Father in heaven was a God of promise, because He is! I am excited to know such grace, such wonder. I am not surrounded by stone or by bandages of hopelessness but by a marker stone of triumph! My life was intended to be victorious, filled with wonder and promise. While many may choose to sit in a tomb of confusion or complacency I choose to walk among the living. Christ rose from the dead so we could be alive! So my great question is this, do you live as though you have been freed from a tomb of despair?! I will take this sickness that I face and leave it in the tomb and I will walk with Jesus wherever he goes, because with him there is only life!

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