Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dust in the wind

A sudden thump, a heavy blow to the shoulder as I slid to the floor. I looked up with complete shock, wondering what just happened. As I lay on the concrete I can see the light above me, the burning incandescent bulb. Shocked by the sudden weakness in my body I lay there stunned, horrified at the waves of pain shooting through my legs. I roll back and forth on the floor trying to catch my breath when the messages begin to fade into oblivion. I wipe my forehead and slowly get onto my knees, crawling towards the couch nearby. My thoughts go racing, wondering how in the world did I get here?! Why am I in such pain? The list goes on and I am left in a whirlwind of unanswered thoughts. Maybe not knowing all the answers to questions is a good thing! Sometimes it is better left unsaid. We often learn more in the silence then in the company of empty words.
     The pain shoots through my entire body at times and at other times it just picks a spot to keep warm I guess. That is okay, I have learned to swing with the punches. You just adapt and face life with a smile, look at the things that make you laugh! It is not easy at times but it is worth its wait in gold. A farmer in the old days would be confident in his ability to survive only because his well was deep enough to provide life. The deeper the well the better chance for survival! At least in the hotter climates that is. So hear I am approaching Christmas slowly and I feel like a deeper man. What I mean by that is this, I have changed for the good. My vision, my perception of things are drastically different. I hear people complain about bills and about traffic and whatever else that fades with time. Why not look beyond the little things? Turn your head away from insults and complaining and you will become something tangible. Something appreciated, something sought after! You will become someones sunshine, a breath of fresh air not a bag of wind. Look past the momentary issues and enjoy every moment. Live your days with love and kindness and learn to laugh!!
Be The Hope, Live The Change!!


  1. Thank you:).May God bless you with His love, joy and peace.May you find rest in His huge arms of love and tender care.Justine

  2. Thank you. I love how you incorporate the music with the blog.

  3. Thank you Bob, I usually have this music playing when I write my thoughts..