Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Why So Negative?!

There is a total of 365 days in a year and out of that total you can't stand Mondays. Now minus those 52 days and you are left with 313 days. Now from that 313 days you can't stand tuesdays because the week has barely begun and you are so far away from a weekend of relaxing. You now have to minus another 52 days (depending on leap year or not ,53 then) which brings you to a total of 261 days. Now Wednesdays are simply the middle of the week and you hate being stuck in the middle so you have to minus another 52 days of drudgery! You now have 209 days of pure joy but oh wait you still have Thursdays. Thursday is a wonderful day filled with thoughts of relaxing in the proverbial sun, the only problem is that you caught the flu and so you needed to recover. So lets minus another possible 9 days of illness out of the year. Your grand total is set at 200 days! Now if by chance you fall into the country song woes you have unfortunately lost your dog,wife,house and you have gained a wonderful lawyer by the name of Big Bill. You will most likely minus a solid 100 days. In the time you have gained composer and felt that you are feeling stellar because you found a dating online service that has said “Man you look good for your age, what is your credit card number?!” You are starting to feel good about yourself and you feel that you are beginning to put on your A game for dating. Early one morning you get a call from the bank telling you that your identity was stolen and that you now live in hong kong. You now have to deal with trying to prove that you have lived in your present city. The only problem was that you never really got along with that many people because of your negative behaviors.
With all that has transpired you minus a total of 135 days from your present holdings in the “positive jar) You are now standing at an awesome number which entails 65 days of pure luxurious joy. You are so excited! The sad truth is now you have no one to enjoy those few and precious moments. So my grand question is this, was being so negative really that important?! Now I am no mathematician by any huge manner but I think I have an idea what is worth investing in. My bet is on being positive whenever you can!
I wrote this in response to a friend of mine who asked at work one day "why are you so happy anyways?!"


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