Sunday, November 21, 2010

The World and I

Today I spoke with a dear friend and I truly loved the conversation! Everything about it was lovely and encouraging. She spoke of her latest accomplishments for which I was truly overjoyed. Her name is Ursula and she told me of her recent running challenge. She described the profound feelings of wonder and self worth in accomplishing something that she felt was worth the prize. The amazement came from the fact that she overcame a limitation, reaching for something beautiful; something beyond words. Confidence that grew with every step that she took. In passing she told me how I had inspired her to run. I was excited not for the fact that she complimented me but because I could hear her dreams flying into the great unknown. She was standing at the edge of the world looking in!
     When I pursued greater and greater distances, my mind would dream greater and greater possibilities. If we don't try then we will never know, we will never explore the lands of wonder. A poet can never become mysterious and profound if he or she does not dare to look beyond themselves. An athlete can only be as great as the hardest challenge that is pursued. I am at the edge and this world  that I see, will begin to change.... I will not let go until it does! So look ahead and see beyond your inabilities and press forward. Be diligent and maybe your wings will grow!!! Look all around you and take notice, people who push their own boundaries become stronger. Wisdom welcomes them if they wish. Diligence is a character worth chasing and wisdom, the warmth in lonely pursuit. Be courageous and live bold!!!

May God bless you...


  1. Your words speak volumes to my heart and soul...when I read your messages I feel an enormus since of Joy...Your wisdom pours out of you and Its like I know you...yet we have never met...Keep posting and I will keep Reading...God Bless!!!!