Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Will I

Now in life we face all kinds of challenges, some are great and some are small. For each person it varies depending on how they respond to the challenge! There could be 10 people with the same problem but not the same reaction. For instance, a job loss or poverty. The reaction goes through a wide spectrum depending on how a person views themselves and their surroundings. Even a persons faith or lack thereof. All these things can leave a heavy influence on the final way we react to our circumstances. When I was in grade 3 we would have mathematical tests on the fly (surprise quiz). I would literally begin to have difficulty with my breathing and I would have instant asthma attacks. The problem was so invasive that I had to lay down in a room for over an hour to recover. This problem pursued me until grade 5!  A wonderful teacher noticed the situation and decided to teach me every day. Patiently he taught me my times table and next thing you knew I was one of the fastest kids in class (mathematics).
     So my simple question to you is do you wish to be someone who wants to face the giants in your own life and overcome or do you want to be overwhelmed by fears? Sometimes we need a little shove. When I started to believe in my own ideas and dreams I began to take bigger and bigger steps. Confidence!! When my grade 5 teacher helped me to overcome my fears I began to take great leaps of faith in my abilities to problem solve. Face the giant and watch him fall!

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