Friday, November 12, 2010

This dream has wings!!

When I was a child I dreamed of being able to play baseball. I watched my brothers hit the ball like it was going out of style, soaring in the wind like a bird reaching for freedom! I was amazed at the power that they had, the timing, everything. I wanted to be apart of that excitement! So when the game was over they would walk home and I would stay behind and practice. I would imagine the ball flying through the air like a rocket! Then when all the imagination was done I needed to hit that thing. I wanted to be apart of the dream. So I persisted until I did it, until I was able to hit that ball past the pitcher. Now recently I have experienced my first home run. I am not talking about baseball anymore but about dreams. Ones that we wish to become reality. I jogged and jogged until I literally put holes in my shoes, I wanted to be an inspiration to those who were suffering illnesses. I thought the best way to be an inspiration is to overcome something that seems almost impossible and then let others know there is hope. I ran for awareness, made videos, spoke to as many people as possible and gave my heart and soul into helping people. Suddenly things have gone from a possibility to a reality!! I am now looking at something that has taken flight, something that is bigger than myself. I now am seeing others believe in what I am dreaming of! In those precious moments big things can happen, not because I created it but because God orchestrated it. That means that there is an amazing intricate design for hope, for miracles. Much bigger than myself! I am walking on clouds because I am making a difference in this life and it couldn't have happened without faith, hope and love! Pursue your dreams with these three things and maybe just maybe you might see a miracle happen in the lives of those around you. It might just start with "I CAN, I WILL"
Never forget, you can make a difference no matter what your circumstance. It isn't a matter of what you have, but what you do with what you got!!


  1. FAITH, HOPE, LOVE are all big players in the game of really living and feeling life. Those, also, are choices we make to have and reach for, or not. People can choose to be a victim to life's adversities or to close the door on them and reach out for something different! You made that choice by being an "overcomer". You also made the choice to reach out and be an inspiration to others! As a retired teacher of 33 years, I know the impact an individual can have on others. It can be a positive or negative. Thank you for being a positive!

  2. Thank you Terry for those beautiful words!