Tuesday, November 9, 2010

No Limits!!

In life fear can hold the heart captive, in fact it can dry the mind. Your imaginations and dreams can easily become desolate! In fact fear has the ability to even leave many people lost in a world of broken thoughts, wishing they were not even alive. If we take the time to look around you can see there are people everywhere who are lost in fear and in worries. What is it that makes some live beyond those boundaries, those walls that many face with absolute trembling? I look at people who face overwhelming odds and for some reason they rise above, they captivate hope and crush fear and impossibilities at every turn. For some of us we become like little children lost in the moments; being disciplined by our fathers or mothers, we only see the chastisement not the benefits. We lose our focus and begin to slide down a slippery slope of “I want that!” or “why me?” We can't function because it becomes all about ourselves, our view suddenly shrinks smaller and smaller. Our characters are always tested by circumstances, by unforeseen events that we never planned or expected. All in all fear grips our hearts and we crumble. How can we turn these situations around, make something beautiful out of what we feel is hopeless? Well recently I watched a video of a young man who had no arms, no legs and he was an inspiration to many. The reason seems very obvious and worth the thought, he took something that could have made most people crumble under a weight of fear, anger and depression and made it beautiful! He believed he was worth something, he knew God had something planned for his life. He left all his baggage behind and looked forward and onward. Everyone takes notice when you overcome odds, when you rise above almost impossible circumstances. Now, are you someone who is captured by your worries or fears? Do you see an opportunity for inspiration or a wall of impossibilities? I am so proud of being more than just a worry in the wind! Don't let your situation tell you that your life is worthless or that it has no meaning. You are only as big as the dreams you carry!!
When my stroke caused my brain an insurmountable wall of challenges and fears I chose to embrace my limitations and become victorious! In my mind I had lost limbs, ways to acquire success and happiness. I viewed my situation and said “I need to rise above and make a difference!”
Be the difference that everyone so desperately desires and hopes for. Remember you are not alone!


  1. Very well put and so very true. Great post, keep em coming. : )

  2. Beautifully written and such an amazing message. Thank you Ernie...can't wait to see more:)